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- Archive -

This page harbors a collection of documents that won't fit to any other section. Due to limited webspace, files are available upon request only. In case you like to share any old documents or photographs dating to the 1920s or 1930s (any motorcycle brand), please, don't hesitate to contact me.

- Ardie Advertisement -

Catalogue, 1922

TM500, 1926

TM500, 1928a

TM500, 1928b

TM500, 1929a

TM500, 1929b

Jubi, 1930

Jubi, 1932



- Part lists und Manuals -

Manual for Ardie Silberpfeil (55 pages, german)

Manual for Ardie B250 (36 pages, german)

Teileliste Ardie Junior 200, 1932? (22 pages)

Teileliste Ardie TM500, 1927/1928 (32 pages)

Teileliste Ardie TM500, 1929 (63 pages)

Behandlungsvorschrift Ardie TM500, 1929 (63 pages)

Bosch 15W Zündlicht-Anlage, 1925 (22 pages)

Bosch 15W Zündlicht-Anlage, 1926 (29 pages)

Bosch Horn, 1928 (16 pages)

Bosch Zündlicht-Anlage, 1929 (28 pages)

Jap Motoren Handbuch (28 pages)

JAP Motoren-Übersicht und Teileliste (20 pages)

Tigergabel FG4a (4 pages)

Bedienungsanleitung BMW R2, 1931

Teileliste BMW R2, 1931

Ersatzteiltafeln BMW R2/R3/R4, 1936

Maintainance Manual for Norton 16H (71 pages, english)

Instruction Manual for Norton OHV (48 pages, english)

JAP Industrial Engine, Type 2a (10 pages, english)

JAP Industrial Engines, Types 4/2, 4/3, 5 and 6; (21 pages, english)

JAP Industrial Engines, Types 4/2, 4/3, 5 and 6, General Instructions; (36 Pages, english)

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